Partnership events.
A workshop with Jobs and Accurapuls

Investing in increasingly advanced machines that improve both quality and productivity: a winning strategy. This is the theme at the heart of Mould & Die 2018, the workshop we hosted in Avigliana May 23rd-25th, in an area of the factory set up in the mold milling department.

Jobs (FG Europe group), our partner for high-speed milling machines, and Accurapuls, which has patented a tool to automate peening, brought the most advanced systems for selected processing phases to the event. The top managers of the two companies took turns presenting unprecedented applications in the repair, hardening and peening processes of the molds to production managers and specialized technicians of various companies. Traditionally used to mill large objects, Jobs machines are now able to do much more, taking advantage of the full potential of 5-axis machining. These machines repair, harden and polish the molds, and then verify their conformity to standards: all without removing the mold from the base.

Thanks to the integration of each specialized technology with the most advanced CAM software, today we can perform these operations with a precision and speed that often exceed manual standards. Confirmation comes from Alfons Ambros, who has headed the BMW mold department at Dingolfing for years, where the application of these technologies has produced brilliant results in the processing and maintenance of mass production molds.