A prestigious award for Eurodies

This past November 15 th , we received the Premio Chiave a Stella 2021 award for the category of medium-sized companies in Piedmont. This award recognizes small and medium enterprises for their ability to innovate while at the same time promoting the excellence of our region beyond our local borders. This is a prestigious recognition for all of us, acknowledging that every day we strive to work as partners of our customers, facing every challenge – even the most difficult – with enthusiasm. We seek quality through technology, the responsible involvement of people, and the desire to grow.

Pride and gratitude
We’d like to thank the promoters of this initiative – Api Torino, Fondazione Magnetto, and La Repubblica, in collaboration with the Turin Chamber of Commerce, UniCredit, Unioncamere Piemonte, Confapi Piemonte, Politecnico di Torino and the University of Turin – and we are grateful to every person in our team for this extraordinary result.

This award is very gratifying and motivates us to increase even more our investments in innovation, training and sustainability of processes, which are essential for the development of business activities and jobs.

Expertise, an expression of freedom
In his novel The Wrench, which inspired the name of the prize, Primo Levi wrote movingly about the value of meaningful work in the life of every human being. We like to return to one of his reflections that we feel is always relevant, a fitting summary of our times:
The term “freedom” is known to have many meanings, but perhaps the type of freedom that is most accessible, most subjectively enjoyed, and most useful to human fellowship coincides with being competent in one’s work, and thus in taking pleasure in doing it.