The Giulietta Sprint, a sportscar with heart

At Eurodies, we like challenges. So, as true enthusiasts, we were thrilled to be asked to spruce up perhaps the most iconic Alfa Romeo of the post-war period, the elegant Giulietta Sprint.

Created by Franco Scaglione, a designer at Bertone, and released in 1956, the Giulietta Sprint is instantly recognizable, thanks to its bold, sleek lines. It evokes that dreamy air of an Italian vacation, zipping along panoramic roads through scenic villages and vibrant cities where everything is beautiful.

The restoration has involved meticulous interventions, as well as the reproduction and assembly of several elements that needed to be faithful to the originals. A thorough overhaul of the engine and chassis has allowed the car to return to the road for the Mille Miglia, the most glamorous event in vintage car collecting, bringing the mechanical virtuosity of our racing team to the competition.