Sustainable mobility at Eurodies. Less environmental impact, more benefits.

Together for the environment and saving energy
The automotive industry continues to invest in research to develop increasingly green engines and vehicles, and we, who have always worked in this sector, must also do our part. Not only with our technological and production skills, which are aligned with the extraordinary evolution of the industry, but also with our personal habits, in our daily work and free time activities.

It was this awareness that inspired Eurodies to launch our sustainable mobility project on May 2, 2024, thanks to a partnership with MobilitySquare, a benefit company that specializes in projects designed to minimize the impact of human activities on the environment.

Cycling, carpooling and trains: 3 challenges, 3 chances to win!
Our sustainable mobility program focuses on reducing CO2 emissions by encouraging the use of bicycles, trains (or both) and carpooling (several people sharing a single car for their commute), to reach our Eurodies sites in Avigliana and Rivoli.

The project consists of 3 challenges, each taking place in a specific month. At the end of the first two months, we’ll draw tickets to award prizes of gift cards that can be used in the Edenred circuit. The more you participate, the better your chances of winning. The third challenge rewards participants by giving away monthly passes for public transportation.

Here’s how the program works:

Challenge 1 – Cycle in May
This month, ride your bike to work! Upon arrival, collect a ticket at the security booth. The more tickets you accumulate, the greater your chances of winning the challenge.
The winning tickets will be drawn on June 5th: the first 3 drawn will receive a gift card worth €60.

Challenge 2 – Carpool in September
Share your commute to and from work with your colleagues, forming a crew of a minimum of 3 passengers per car. Upon arrival, park in your assigned parking spot and collect your crew’s ticket at the security booth. The more tickets your crew accumulates, the greater your chances of winning.
The winning ticket will be drawn in early October, and each crew member will receive a gift card worth €40.

Challenge 3 – Take the train in October
Experiment with commuting to and from work by train and get a “bonus”: to the first 10 employees who request it, Eurodies is giving away a monthly train or bus pass.

Using rewards to encourage growth – including growth as responsible people
Changing our habits isn’t easy; we all have a tendency to follow automatic behaviors. We’re human, so we tend to embrace convenience, guided by the principle of “cognitive economy” that makes us prefer familiar paths and ways of doing things when they seem to work well for us. Yet, an effort must be made. For ourselves and for our children, we can become agents of change for the common good.  Every act of adaptive intelligence and a sense of social responsibility helps build a better possible future.

Rewards, play, and incentives help us feel involved and allow us to experience, in this case, different ways of getting around during the work week.

The goal of this program is to invite us all to “try out” some good habits that might be new to us, hoping that they’ll be adopted over time, bringing greater health and well-being to us, our community and the environment, for which we are all personally responsible.