Our Code of Ethics is online

In any role and area of business, work can present situations that are difficult to interpret. Situations that we must face consciously and correctly.

In addition to writing down the principles that inspire our daily work, the Code of Ethics clarifies precisely the dubious situations, and offers a clear view of the responsibilities of eachone. Togetherand individually, we are consolidating integrity, health, safety, sustainability, confidentiality, the ability to discusswhether a choice which is advantageous is legitimate or notis correct.

Rights and obligations: the basis of legality
In summary, the Code of Ethics investigates the relationship between rights and duties, and clarifies what is expected of us, in the company, in terms of conduct and ethical orientation, in any role and at all levels of governance.

Legality has always been the binary of our organization and illuminates its path for the good of the community, individuals and the development objectives of Eurodies. Correct and  transparent behaviour is transformed into lasting value  and contributes to the growth of the company and its positive impact on society, on the territory and in the places it reaches through its activities.

Ethics in practice
If we commit ourselves to clarifying the content of the law, andwe will be able to extricate ourselves in the most complex situations, reassuring that it is of fundamental importance to continue to report facts or conduct that are considered doubtful, or illicit.

The Code of Ethics is a firm point to strengthen the pursuit of excellence of our company, every day of the year. We have published it under the title In Our Name, Our Principles becauseeach letter of “Eurodies” is the initial of a guiding value which is indispensable for us: etica, umanità, rispetto, onestà, diversità, integrità, eco-friendly, sostenibility.

A living instrument
The Code of Ethics, approved by the Board of Directors, is a document that belongs to all of us and that  formalizes in writing the principles and good practices that the company has always followed. There is always room for improvement: indications  and insights that emergefrom new cases and circumstances will be evaluated for future additions to the document.

From publication to training
Throughout 2023 Eurodies will organize training  activities for its internal community, to explain in detail the contents of the Code of Ethics, already distributed and published in pdf also on the company  website. The text is available in Italian, English and German, at this link.
For any questions regarding the topics covered, feel free to contact the Supervisory Body, by writing to odv@eurodiesitalia.com

Happy reading to all!