Mercedes SL 300: behind the scenes with a supermodel

Essen, Germany. This is where classic car enthusiasts return every year, to attend the Techno Classica, Europe’s most important automobile and motorsport collector’s fair. For the 2018 edition, we oversaw the restoration of a Mercedes SL 300, a timeless sports car designed in the post-war era that continues to fascinate with its inimitable style.

The art of reverse engineering
This undertaking took our team three years to complete. For the mechanical part, it was a real feat of reverse engineering: starting from the morphology of the original piece, going backwards through the processing stages until the design of the piece was reworked and finally rebuilt.

She’s got the look
And then there was the external detailing work to make the bodywork look as good as new. This time-consuming process required several test steps until the perfect look was achieved.