The specialized experience and the potential of a plant that is unique in Europe in terms of size and equipment are a guarantee when you choose Eurodies. But with us you’ll experience something more: a positive atmosphere and personal interaction that make the difference and that contribute to the satisfaction of everyone involved in your project.

The CAD office: your control room

From the very first process step in the CAD office, your project is entrusted to a work group with a dedicated platform, under the supervision of a manager who coordinates the phases of virtual modeling of the pressing equipment and of the sheet metal forming process.
The technicians process the data and analyze critical production issues in order to develop the optimum geometry of the mold and the process parameters.

Thanks to the most advanced software like CATIA, NX, VISI, AUTOFORM, TEBIS, WORK NC, CENIT, every project becomes reality, transforming numeric data into models for the foundry and for subsequent processing.

Speed ​​up the process

Creating the styrofoam model in-house allows for the validation of each project that we are developing in real-time: an extra advantage when it comes to the speed of delivery.

Power and precision for roughing and refining

Foundry casting is performed directly in our milling department.
Having over 20 CNC machines and the most advanced finishing technologies provides tremendous potential: we can handle multiple orders simultaneously, organizing them in a seamless multi-order production flow.

Hi-tech automation, so we don’t waste even a minute

One of the strengths of our new plant is an automated system for the intelligent storage of metal sheets and the plane laser cutter, which is operational 24/7. We also have other latest-generation laser cutting machines, dedicated to flat machining and 5-axis machining.

Strength elevated to power

Our press shop is unique in Europe in terms of its size and power: 6 sheet-metal presses with a capacity of up to 1600 tons and a 5.0 x 2.5-m work surface, suitable for the largest pieces of the car body. Additional processing lines with 12 presses of up to 1000 tons complete the department.

When experience counts

Proven competency is involved at every step of fitting and fine-tuning, both for prototype equipment and for machines dedicated to mass production.

The sartorial touch

Expert machinists – who are intimately familiar with the materials – carry out precision operations on projects ranging from the creation of one-off vehicles to the smallest adjustments in large series.

Everything is under control

A spacious, bright and protected area is home to the testing equipment and the manual and automatic measuring machines, which provide specific checks on prototypes and repetitive tests on series items in order to ensure an excellent final result for your project.

Man and robot work as a team

Our assembly department occupies an area of 2000 square meters and has a robotic chamfering and edging area with four stations, a robotic island for the assembly of large sub-assemblies, two mobile units with prehensile grippers and a line of 10 manual spot-welders. A large oven for the structural polymerization of adhesives completes the layout. The assembly team specializes in integrating manual and automated processes even on multiple projects at the same time.